Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rachel - My New 15 Year Old :-)

I should have written this on Rachel's birthday, which was January 8th. Well, it's only the 11th, so I'm only a few days late! :-)

I so well remember the day my sweet Rachel, who is my 2nd daughter, was born. It was a Saturday and I woke up early in the morning (around 3:30am) with a certainty that she was on her way into the world. Actually, I didn't know she was a "she" yet, in fact, I was pretty certain that she was going to be a boy because of how active she'd been throughout my pregnancy. She was flipping around and turning somersaults up until about 2 weeks before she was born! So when she made her grand appearance at 7:01am on January 8th, 1994, I was amazed when they said I had another daughter! Amazed and very happy! She was healthy and beautiful and I was instantly in love with her as they put her on my chest. How can that possibly be 15 years ago?!!

Rachel is such a blessing to our family with her sunny disposition... well most of the time it's sunny with the exceptions being when the hormones kick in every so often! LOL. But she has always been the ray of sunshine in our family and adds an exuberance to our life that keeps me smiling.

This year she is singing with the Jr. High and Highschool band and worship team at church and of course is always involved at our community theater's latest production whenever it's the season for that.

I am truly grateful for the blessing of this daughter, and I am thankful that she loves God and desires to follow and serve Him! Happy Birthday, my sweet Rachel. May God be with you and bless you as you start another year of life!