Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Catching Up!

Well, I haven't been very good at keeping up this blog this year. But I am going to try and do better from now. So here is my attempt to catch up from my last post which was in January right after my 2nd daughter's 15th birthday! Let's see.... since then my oldest daughter applied for and got accepted into the Continental Singers for their summer tour. After a hectic 2 months of fund raising for her, she left the DAY before her 18th birthday for a 6-week tour of the United States! In the midst of the fund raising, she also graduated from our homeschool high school, taking part in the homeschool graduation with about 130 other homeschoolers, including Scott MacIntyre's sister (an American Idol finalist from last season in case you don't watch it). So as I was saying, she left the day before her 18th birthday and had a wonderful time touring the United States and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through singing. She had SO much fun, in fact, that she's going to do it again next summer, and my youngest is going to be touring with the Young Continentals. Oh great, MORE fund raising! :-) So, with that being said, if you would consider donating toward their mission trips for next summer, we would SO greatly appreciate it! ANY amount is very much appreciated whether it's $5.00 or $500. And speaking of $500, both Sarah and Hannah need to raise an initial $500 each very quickly. This secures their spot on the tours for next summer. And if they can raise this amount by September 30th, the Continentals will add an additional $200 to Sarah's fund and $100 to Hannah's fund. So your donation will go farther if you donate right now. I will include info on how you can donate at the end of this blog entry.

This year has also been "interesting" since my husband has not had steady work since June, 2008! Talk about a faith growing year! God has been faithful, though, and we are still in our house, not behind on any payments and Bob is now working on a new business through a company called Primerica. We are praying that this business will soon be bringing in the income that we so badly need. There is also a possibility that he and a colleague in CA will be able to sell their software to a company in CA which will also bring in some money for us. Prayers are appreciated as we continue to trust in God and pray for a much needed income. While Bob has been looking for work, I have stepped up my selling on eBay (except for this summer when sales are pretty slow) and also opened up a couple of internet stores. I sell a conglomeration of items on eBay and also in one of my internet stores, and then my other internet store is figure skating related. Right now I am selling some of Hannah's old competition and practice outfits that I have made, and I hope to be making some new outfits soon to also add to my store. I will include those links at the end of this post. Right now I don't have anything listed on eBay, but that will changing very soon as we start to get into the Christmas shopping season!

So, that's my life in a "nutshell" since January. Hopefully now I will be able to discipline myself to keep this blog more updated. More coming VERY soon! :-)

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