Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Update on Sarah & Hannah's Mission Trips

Hi everyone,

Well, Hannah is in the midst of rehearsal camp for her mission trip and still needing funds. We simply HAVE to raise a minimum of $200 over the next four days in order for her to be able to go on the actual tour. Is there not at least 20 of you who can give $10 to get her to this goal so that she can finish this journey she has begun this week? Please! If you haven't given already, we pray that you will seriously consider donating whatever God sets on your heart. And then once this $200 is raised, she still has to raise another $1400 to get to the full amount she must raise. We      are SO grateful that the Continentals organization have agreed to let her go without her full amount raised, but that could change if she doesn't at least raise the $200 in the next few days.

And then Sarah leaves just 3 weeks from today! She is still needing to raise around $3000 by then. So we ask that you also consider donating something to help her support fund, as well.

We realize that so many of you are experiencing hard times right now. Our family is in the midst of the worst our financial downfall ever due to job loss. So we DO understand in a very real and painful way. However, I truly believe that God still calls us to sacrifice for His kingdom even during the hard times. Maybe even MORE during the hard times because I think it stretches our faith even more! Christ commissioned us to spread the gospel to the whole world! For some of us that means actually going out there and spreading His good news, and for others it means we help support those who are going, no matter how large or small of a donation we can make. So I pray that you will prayerfully consider what, if anything, God wants you to give to further His kingdom.

And for those of you who have stepped up and given, once again, THANK YOU!!! We SO appreciate your generosity and willingness to give! :-)

Of course, the other BIG way you can help my daughters is to PRAY! Pray that God will break down the financial barriers that could keep them from going. Pray that Sarah and Hannah's hearts are in the right place as they prepare to go on their trips, or in Hannah's case, as they rehearse this week. Pray for the leaders in the Continentals organization as they prepare to take these tours out to the world. Pray that the Holy Spirit will go before them and soften the hearts of the people they will be ministering to so that the message of Jesus' love and forgiveness will fall on "fertile soil."

One more thing you can do to help Sarah and Hannah is to help their "Follow You" video go viral. It's posted on FB, and if all of you would just share it on your profile, that would be SO appreciated! :-) Here is the link:

Thank you SO much for both your prayer and financial support!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

2 Days and Counting... and 27 Days and Counting! :-)

We are still praying for mountains to be moved, and let me tell you, they ARE moving! Hannah leaves in just TWO short days, and she now has almost $1600 raise now, thanks in part, to the transfer of funds from a "fellow" Continentals singer who is now unable to go on the tour. Thank you Jesus! :-) However, that still leaves approximately $1900 she needs to raise. She IS going to be able to go on tour, however, it is with the stipulation that she has at least another $500 raised by the end of rehearsal camp, which is next week. If she doesn't have that additional $500 raised, she will be sent home. PLEASE continue to pray with us that this mountain will be moved and the support will be raised. It's going to be even more difficult for Hannah to continue raising support once she's on the road, so please prayerfully consider donating to her support fund if you haven't already. If only 190 of you, my wonderful Facebook friends, donate $10, Hannah will have what she needs. Thank you! :-)

And in only 27 days, Sarah will be leaving on her Continentals mission trip, heading to Chile! Again we ask for your prayers she prepares to go on this exciting trip. Sarah still has about $3100 to raise in the 27 days she has left. Please prayerfully consider helping further spreading the gospel by donating to Sarah's support fund, as well, if you haven't already.

Here are other ways you can also help -

Buy one or more items in my store that are in the Fundraiser Items category. The FULL amount you pay for these items will go to help Sarah and Hannah:

Order a Gold Canyon candle or some Cookie Lee Jewelry from our consultant, JaNae Crosby, and all proceeds from your purchase will go to help Sarah and Hannah. If you are interested in ordering something, please email JaNae at and she will be happy to assist you in ordering exactly what you want.

Thank you for your prayers and donations already received! And once again, would you consider sharing this note with YOUR friends by clicking on "Share" and posting it to your profile? Thank you SO much! :-)

Here, once again, are the websites for donating. Please note that if you want to donate to BOTH Hannah and Sarah via their First Giving websites, you do have to make 2 separate donations on each of their pages. If you make a donation on the Chipin website, one donation for both is fine as it will be divided between Sarah and Hannah. Thanks!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Moving Mountains

Hannah and I are praying for the faith to move mountains today. Ok, Sarah is, too!  But first an update for Hannah! :-) Hannah leaves in just 4 short days! She has her plane ticket, and she has the money for her rehearsal camp (thanks mom and dad!!!! XOXO). However, she still has about $2800 to raise! And that's where the moving mountains comes in. Our verse today is Matthew 17:20 - "...I tell you the truth, if you have the faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there!' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you." $2800 in 4 days seems like a pretty huge mountain to us! But we are believing it CAN BE MOVED! Amen! :-) Please stand in faith with us and pray with us that this mountain will be moved so that Hannah can follow her heart's calling to go help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ!  And of course, if you feel led to help out financially that would awesome. It doesn't have to be a lot. We've figured it out this way - each one of us in our family of 5, have hundreds of Facebook friends. Now some of those are going to be mutual friends, and some of you have already graciously given to both Hannah and Sarah's funds. And if you have, THANK YOU! That still leaves hundreds of you out there, people that we know. And you know what? If all of you only gave $10 this month for Hannah, and then $10 next month for Sarah (she leaves on July 21st), they would most likely have what they need.  And you know, I really hate asking for money. But when it's for money going to spread the gospel both here in our country and also in a foreign country (Chile), it's not quite so hard. $10 this month, and $10 next month. Can about 300 of you spare that to help bring more people to Jesus? We're praying that you are out there! :-)

A quick update for Sarah - she just got her passport a few days ago, and she is really excited about going to Chile to minister to the people of that country! She leaves, as I said already, on July 21st. So she has a few weeks yet to get her funds raised, but she still needs about $3100. Thanks to the job that God has blessed her with, she will be able to pay for her own plane ticket and rehearsal camp fee.  We are very grateful for that. :-)

Also, we still have many cute handmade items, made by Sarah and Hannah and my dear friend, Lu, listed in my online store that you can purchase and the FULL purchase price will go to help Sarah and Hannah's mission trip funds. That website is

Once again, thank you to those of you who are praying with us! And thank you SO much if you have already donated, some of you more then once! We can't say it enough, so thank you, thank you, thank you! :-)

And while you are praying, would you mind keeping our family lifted up in prayer. We are still experiencing some pretty hard financial times with Bob still not finding a permanent job. It is SO scary, and yet at the same time my faith is being strengthened unlike any other time in my life! But we're ready for some easier times, and that just doesn't seem to be happening yet. I guess God is not done with what He's accomplishing in us. So prayers for His strength to get through this time we be greatly appreciated. Thanks SO much! :-)

Here are the links for Sarah and Hannah -

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Helping Spread the Gospel of Christ

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to post a quick update regarding Hannah and Sarah's fund raising. Of course, first and foremost we need your prayers. Sometimes it's so hard to know if God is saying "no" or "wait". We are still somewhat in quandary over that. So please pray for clarity for all of us.

With that being said, we are choosing to move forward since we haven't felt a definite "no" answer from God yet. Hannah and Sarah both still have quite a lot to raise and Hannah is supposed to leave in just 9 days! Not only does Hannah still need about $2800 for her support funds, she also needs to raise money for her rehearsal camp fee which is over and above the support she has to raise. If you donate via Paypal to the chipin website we've created (, the entire amount can go towards her rehearsal camp. The rehearsal camp fee is $550. If 110 people donate just $5.00, she'll have it. If 10 people donate $55, she will have it. If  22 people donated $25, she'd have it. Anyway, I think you see where I'm going with this. It doesn't take a huge donation to help out. Even an amount as small as $5.00 will help. I know that there are many of us who are in the midst of really hard financial times, but if each one of you only donated $5.00, that would go a LONG way towards raising the support that both Hannah and Sarah need. I know that even in our bad financial status that our family is in right now, I could come up with $5.00 to donate to the cause for Christ. Whether you donate to help Hannah with her rehearsal camp fee or to the actual support fund for Hannah or Sarah, you are helping spread the gospel to those who don't know Him! Can you think of a better way to spend $5.00??? I can't.

And you can still go to my store at and buy any of the items that are in the Fundraiser category, and the entire purchase price will go to help their mission trip funds.

Ok, enough about money. What do we need the most??? PRAYER! The funds both girls still have left to raise seem insurmountable and humanly impossible. But the Bible tells us that with God, ALL things are possible. All we have to do is ask in His name. So I'm asking you, will you please come alongside Hannah and Sarah and us, their family, and ask in His name for what looks to be impossible? And then also please ask Him what, if anything, He wants you to give. If it's nothing, that is fine. We still covet your prayers and thank you in advance for keeping Sarah and Hannah lifted up as they get ready to go minister to those who need Jesus.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ok, FREE Haircuts are back and Other Stuff...

Hi everyone,

Well, as the title says, FREE haircuts are back. Since NO ONE has scheduled any haircuts, I changed it back to free haircuts, but with a donation. There's got to be at least a few of you out there local to Phoenix, who need a haircut! :-) I'm here waiting, with my scissors ready! LOL

With that being said, Sarah and Hannah both leave very soon on their trips... that is, if they get their support raised. I know this is tough times for so many of us! It's the toughest times our family has ever gone through, financially speaking! However, let me remind you, we STILL need to be doing whatever we can to spread the gospel to all the world. This is what both of my daughters are feeling called to do this summer through the Continental Singers. So even if you can only donate a small amount, it still helps! Right now I have 392 friends on Facebook. If each one of those friends donated just $5.00, that would bring in almost $2000! Please pray about what God wants you to do. Thank you! :-)

Here are a couple of other ways you can help Sarah & Hannah raise funds and end up with some very nice products, too! Order some Gold Canyon Candles and/or some Cookie Lee Jewelry. We recently had an open house for these products, and had a very light turn out. BUT, you can still order and have the proceeds go to help Sarah & Hannah. Here's what you need to do to make sure they get the credit:

For candle orders you can go to You can view the different candles and also order online. Just be sure and note somewhere that this is for Sarah and Hannah Cole. You can also contact JaNae Crosby at 480-612-5754 or by email at regarding samples and ordering.

For Cookie Lee orders you can go to to view the products, but then you will have to contact JaNae to place an order.

Sarah and Hannah have been working very hard making some really cute & unique hand-crafted items to sell. Currently some of them are listed in my internet store, The Purple Picket Fence. More items will be listed soon, so you might want to check it a few times this week. The website for my store is If you are local to Phoenix, you don't have to buy the items through my store, but you can go and take a look and then contact me regarding what items you'd like.

As always, we SO appreciate your prayers! Pray for God's will to be clear as to whether He even wants Sarah and Hannah going on these trips this summer. They both feel called to go, but right now the money they need to raise just isn't coming in. We don't take this lightly and do consider that it might mean that God is saying no. So your prayers over them are GREATLY appreciated!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Update on Sarah & Hannah's Fund Raising

Hi everyone,

Just a small update today on Sarah & Hannah's mission trip fund raising. We still REALLY need your prayers for God to provide for their fund raising as we're getting down to the wire especially for Hannah. We most especially need prayers for Hannah's air fare to Los Angeles, which we estimate will cost around $150. We need to make reservations very soon, and we don't have the funds to do that. If you feel led to help out with this need, there are a couple of ways you can do that....

1) If you are local to the Phoenix area, schedule a time to get a haircut from me. It's $5.00 for the haircut, and then anything you donate over and above that will go towards her airfare right now.

2) Make a donation at and specify this is for her airfare. Please do not donate to the First Giving site if you are wanting to donate for her airfare as the money donated there goes only toward the actual tour.

Oh and one more thing. Hannah also needs to raise money for her rehearsal camp fee. Again, this is not part of the amount she needs to raise as support. She is willing to babysit, pet-sit, do yardwork, etc. Or you can also get your hair cut by me or donate to the website link listed above. Her rehearsal camp fee is $550.

We are SO thankful for whatever you feel led to do, whether it's to pray daily for Hannah and Sarah, and/or to donate! :-)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sarah & Hannah's Mission Trips & $5.00 Haircuts! :-)

Well, we're really getting down to the wire, once again, for raising the funds Sarah & Hannah need for their upcoming mission trips! Hannah leaves on the 26th of THIS MONTH! And Sarah leaves just a few weeks after that on the 16th of July. Both girls still have a LOT of money they need to raise! Here's a few ways you might be able to help...

First and foremost, please PRAY for both of them. Pray for God's will in their desire to go on these trips. They both are feeling called to go, but they both also want to follow God's will in this, so pray they will stay surrendered to that.

If you are local to the Phoenix area, there are a few things happening that will help raise funds for these trips. First of all, we are having an open house here at our house this Friday, the 4th, featuring Gold Canyon Candles and Cookie Lee Jewelry. We will also have some handmade and handcrafted items for sale, as well. ALL proceeds from the sale of these products will go to help Hannah and Sarah's mission trip funds! Evites have been sent out for this event, so if you got one and haven't responded yet, please take a few minutes and respond now, hopefully that you will be coming! :-) If you can't come, you can still order from the catalogs and the proceeds from your order will still go to their mission trip funds. For those of you not local to Phoenix, you can also order and have the proceeds help them. Here are the websites:
You do have to order through JaNae Crosby, the consultant for both of these companies, in order for Sarah and Hannah to get the proceeds. You cannot just order through the website. However, you can take a look at the products, decide what you want and then email JaNae at and she will make sure you get your products and that Sarah and Hannah will get the funds for their mission trips.

Another way those of you who are local can help is to come get your hair cut by me. I'm doing it a little different than last time in that the haircut will cost $5.00, but then anything you donate over and above the $5.00 will go to help their mission trip funds. However, if you can only afford $5.00, then that amount will be donated to their mission trip.

We are working on coming up with more events, including a possible benefit concert! So I will be sure and let you all know as we get things figured out.

Of course the easiest way to help them both financially is to just make a tax deductible donation. There are a few ways you can do that. One is through each of their websites they have set up through the Continental Singers. This would be a credit card donation and the websites are:

We also have a website set up where you can donate using Paypal:

And then you can always send in a donation by check, made out to the Continental Singers and mail to:
Continental Ministries
P.O. Box 6972
Ventura, CA 93006-6972
Be sure and specify that it's for Hannah and/or Sarah Cole

Thank you SO much for your prayers and your support! :-)