Thursday, June 24, 2010

2 Days and Counting... and 27 Days and Counting! :-)

We are still praying for mountains to be moved, and let me tell you, they ARE moving! Hannah leaves in just TWO short days, and she now has almost $1600 raise now, thanks in part, to the transfer of funds from a "fellow" Continentals singer who is now unable to go on the tour. Thank you Jesus! :-) However, that still leaves approximately $1900 she needs to raise. She IS going to be able to go on tour, however, it is with the stipulation that she has at least another $500 raised by the end of rehearsal camp, which is next week. If she doesn't have that additional $500 raised, she will be sent home. PLEASE continue to pray with us that this mountain will be moved and the support will be raised. It's going to be even more difficult for Hannah to continue raising support once she's on the road, so please prayerfully consider donating to her support fund if you haven't already. If only 190 of you, my wonderful Facebook friends, donate $10, Hannah will have what she needs. Thank you! :-)

And in only 27 days, Sarah will be leaving on her Continentals mission trip, heading to Chile! Again we ask for your prayers she prepares to go on this exciting trip. Sarah still has about $3100 to raise in the 27 days she has left. Please prayerfully consider helping further spreading the gospel by donating to Sarah's support fund, as well, if you haven't already.

Here are other ways you can also help -

Buy one or more items in my store that are in the Fundraiser Items category. The FULL amount you pay for these items will go to help Sarah and Hannah:

Order a Gold Canyon candle or some Cookie Lee Jewelry from our consultant, JaNae Crosby, and all proceeds from your purchase will go to help Sarah and Hannah. If you are interested in ordering something, please email JaNae at and she will be happy to assist you in ordering exactly what you want.

Thank you for your prayers and donations already received! And once again, would you consider sharing this note with YOUR friends by clicking on "Share" and posting it to your profile? Thank you SO much! :-)

Here, once again, are the websites for donating. Please note that if you want to donate to BOTH Hannah and Sarah via their First Giving websites, you do have to make 2 separate donations on each of their pages. If you make a donation on the Chipin website, one donation for both is fine as it will be divided between Sarah and Hannah. Thanks!

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