Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ok, FREE Haircuts are back and Other Stuff...

Hi everyone,

Well, as the title says, FREE haircuts are back. Since NO ONE has scheduled any haircuts, I changed it back to free haircuts, but with a donation. There's got to be at least a few of you out there local to Phoenix, who need a haircut! :-) I'm here waiting, with my scissors ready! LOL

With that being said, Sarah and Hannah both leave very soon on their trips... that is, if they get their support raised. I know this is tough times for so many of us! It's the toughest times our family has ever gone through, financially speaking! However, let me remind you, we STILL need to be doing whatever we can to spread the gospel to all the world. This is what both of my daughters are feeling called to do this summer through the Continental Singers. So even if you can only donate a small amount, it still helps! Right now I have 392 friends on Facebook. If each one of those friends donated just $5.00, that would bring in almost $2000! Please pray about what God wants you to do. Thank you! :-)

Here are a couple of other ways you can help Sarah & Hannah raise funds and end up with some very nice products, too! Order some Gold Canyon Candles and/or some Cookie Lee Jewelry. We recently had an open house for these products, and had a very light turn out. BUT, you can still order and have the proceeds go to help Sarah & Hannah. Here's what you need to do to make sure they get the credit:

For candle orders you can go to You can view the different candles and also order online. Just be sure and note somewhere that this is for Sarah and Hannah Cole. You can also contact JaNae Crosby at 480-612-5754 or by email at regarding samples and ordering.

For Cookie Lee orders you can go to to view the products, but then you will have to contact JaNae to place an order.

Sarah and Hannah have been working very hard making some really cute & unique hand-crafted items to sell. Currently some of them are listed in my internet store, The Purple Picket Fence. More items will be listed soon, so you might want to check it a few times this week. The website for my store is If you are local to Phoenix, you don't have to buy the items through my store, but you can go and take a look and then contact me regarding what items you'd like.

As always, we SO appreciate your prayers! Pray for God's will to be clear as to whether He even wants Sarah and Hannah going on these trips this summer. They both feel called to go, but right now the money they need to raise just isn't coming in. We don't take this lightly and do consider that it might mean that God is saying no. So your prayers over them are GREATLY appreciated!

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