Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sarah & Hannah's Mission Trips & $5.00 Haircuts! :-)

Well, we're really getting down to the wire, once again, for raising the funds Sarah & Hannah need for their upcoming mission trips! Hannah leaves on the 26th of THIS MONTH! And Sarah leaves just a few weeks after that on the 16th of July. Both girls still have a LOT of money they need to raise! Here's a few ways you might be able to help...

First and foremost, please PRAY for both of them. Pray for God's will in their desire to go on these trips. They both are feeling called to go, but they both also want to follow God's will in this, so pray they will stay surrendered to that.

If you are local to the Phoenix area, there are a few things happening that will help raise funds for these trips. First of all, we are having an open house here at our house this Friday, the 4th, featuring Gold Canyon Candles and Cookie Lee Jewelry. We will also have some handmade and handcrafted items for sale, as well. ALL proceeds from the sale of these products will go to help Hannah and Sarah's mission trip funds! Evites have been sent out for this event, so if you got one and haven't responded yet, please take a few minutes and respond now, hopefully that you will be coming! :-) If you can't come, you can still order from the catalogs and the proceeds from your order will still go to their mission trip funds. For those of you not local to Phoenix, you can also order and have the proceeds help them. Here are the websites:
You do have to order through JaNae Crosby, the consultant for both of these companies, in order for Sarah and Hannah to get the proceeds. You cannot just order through the website. However, you can take a look at the products, decide what you want and then email JaNae at mjanae99@yahoo.com and she will make sure you get your products and that Sarah and Hannah will get the funds for their mission trips.

Another way those of you who are local can help is to come get your hair cut by me. I'm doing it a little different than last time in that the haircut will cost $5.00, but then anything you donate over and above the $5.00 will go to help their mission trip funds. However, if you can only afford $5.00, then that amount will be donated to their mission trip.

We are working on coming up with more events, including a possible benefit concert! So I will be sure and let you all know as we get things figured out.

Of course the easiest way to help them both financially is to just make a tax deductible donation. There are a few ways you can do that. One is through each of their websites they have set up through the Continental Singers. This would be a credit card donation and the websites are:


We also have a website set up where you can donate using Paypal:


And then you can always send in a donation by check, made out to the Continental Singers and mail to:
Continental Ministries
P.O. Box 6972
Ventura, CA 93006-6972
Be sure and specify that it's for Hannah and/or Sarah Cole

Thank you SO much for your prayers and your support! :-)

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