Thursday, June 3, 2010

Update on Sarah & Hannah's Fund Raising

Hi everyone,

Just a small update today on Sarah & Hannah's mission trip fund raising. We still REALLY need your prayers for God to provide for their fund raising as we're getting down to the wire especially for Hannah. We most especially need prayers for Hannah's air fare to Los Angeles, which we estimate will cost around $150. We need to make reservations very soon, and we don't have the funds to do that. If you feel led to help out with this need, there are a couple of ways you can do that....

1) If you are local to the Phoenix area, schedule a time to get a haircut from me. It's $5.00 for the haircut, and then anything you donate over and above that will go towards her airfare right now.

2) Make a donation at and specify this is for her airfare. Please do not donate to the First Giving site if you are wanting to donate for her airfare as the money donated there goes only toward the actual tour.

Oh and one more thing. Hannah also needs to raise money for her rehearsal camp fee. Again, this is not part of the amount she needs to raise as support. She is willing to babysit, pet-sit, do yardwork, etc. Or you can also get your hair cut by me or donate to the website link listed above. Her rehearsal camp fee is $550.

We are SO thankful for whatever you feel led to do, whether it's to pray daily for Hannah and Sarah, and/or to donate! :-)

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