Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Update on Sarah & Hannah's Mission Trips

Hi everyone,

Well, Hannah is in the midst of rehearsal camp for her mission trip and still needing funds. We simply HAVE to raise a minimum of $200 over the next four days in order for her to be able to go on the actual tour. Is there not at least 20 of you who can give $10 to get her to this goal so that she can finish this journey she has begun this week? Please! If you haven't given already, we pray that you will seriously consider donating whatever God sets on your heart. And then once this $200 is raised, she still has to raise another $1400 to get to the full amount she must raise. We      are SO grateful that the Continentals organization have agreed to let her go without her full amount raised, but that could change if she doesn't at least raise the $200 in the next few days.

And then Sarah leaves just 3 weeks from today! She is still needing to raise around $3000 by then. So we ask that you also consider donating something to help her support fund, as well.

We realize that so many of you are experiencing hard times right now. Our family is in the midst of the worst our financial downfall ever due to job loss. So we DO understand in a very real and painful way. However, I truly believe that God still calls us to sacrifice for His kingdom even during the hard times. Maybe even MORE during the hard times because I think it stretches our faith even more! Christ commissioned us to spread the gospel to the whole world! For some of us that means actually going out there and spreading His good news, and for others it means we help support those who are going, no matter how large or small of a donation we can make. So I pray that you will prayerfully consider what, if anything, God wants you to give to further His kingdom.

And for those of you who have stepped up and given, once again, THANK YOU!!! We SO appreciate your generosity and willingness to give! :-)

Of course, the other BIG way you can help my daughters is to PRAY! Pray that God will break down the financial barriers that could keep them from going. Pray that Sarah and Hannah's hearts are in the right place as they prepare to go on their trips, or in Hannah's case, as they rehearse this week. Pray for the leaders in the Continentals organization as they prepare to take these tours out to the world. Pray that the Holy Spirit will go before them and soften the hearts of the people they will be ministering to so that the message of Jesus' love and forgiveness will fall on "fertile soil."

One more thing you can do to help Sarah and Hannah is to help their "Follow You" video go viral. It's posted on FB, and if all of you would just share it on your profile, that would be SO appreciated! :-) Here is the link:

Thank you SO much for both your prayer and financial support!

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