Monday, July 5, 2010

Sarah - 16 Days & Counting and Hannah's Tour Begins!

Today Hannah's mission trip tour officially starts! She didn't quite make the $500 goal, but she is still able to go. Overall, Hannah is still about $1400 short of what she needs to raise in support, and it still needs to be raised even though she is already on her trip.

And in just 16 short days, Sarah leaves on her mission trip to Chile. She is still about $2200 short of what she needs to raise in support.

Many of you have stepped forward and helped by donating to Sarah and Hannah. To you we say, thank you SO very much! Many of you have also promised to pray both for the support to come in for Sarah and Hannah, and for their safety once they are on their trip. So I ask you today, as Hannah's mission trip begins, that you will pray for their health and safety as they travel. And I also ask that you pray for those who they will be singing and ministering to. Pray for their hearts to be ready to receive the message that God has for them.

I also want to challenge you. Many of us are experiencing financial difficulties due to our poor economy. When we look at the bottom line of our finances, it may look impossible to be able to give anything. But I challenge you to give anyway! It doesn't have to be a large amount. Just $5.00 or $10.00 still helps. Sarah and Hannah's combined needed support is around $3600. If 360 people give $10.00, then it's raised. Some of you can afford a larger amount then that, so we probably don't even need 360 people to give. But what if you are one of those 360 people who God is asking to give, but you don't step up and do it? It's easy to think that there will be 360 OTHER people who will step up and give, but if everyone thought that way, then nothing happens. I'm asking you to consider yourself one of the 360 people that we need. If you can only give $5.00 then give that $5.00. If you can give $25.00, $100.00, $1000.00, just please give what God is asking you to give. We believe that nothing is impossible with Him, and that works both ways for those of us who need to give, and for Sarah and Hannah to believe that God will help them raise this money. All I ask is that you come before God with an open heart and an open mind and ask Him what, if anything, He wants you to give to help spread His message of love and redemption to the world.

Items are still for sale in my store that will help their support, and you can also still order Gold Canyon Candles or Cookie Lee Jewelry that will also help them financially. Or you can still just make an online donation. All the info you need is listed below.

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