Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Updates and Prayers

Wow! I realized today that I am WAY overdue for an update here! Much has happened since my last post, so here are the updates....

When I last wrote, Hannah was off on her mission trip, and Sarah was preparing for hers to Chile. Hannah is now home after an amazing and life-changing 5+ weeks of rehearsal camp and then touring the western half of the United States singing and spreading the good news of faith in Jesus Christ! She got home on August 2nd, and is slowly getting back into "real life". She misses her tour buddies, but has fun keeping in touch through Facebook and Skype.

Sarah was also busily getting ready to leave on her mission trip on July 21st. And then just a few days before she was to leave, she got the news that the trip was being postponed. She was, understandably, quite disappointed but she is trusting in God and seeking His will in all of this. She is also looking forward to January, 2011, when hopefully the trip will be re-scheduled. In the meantime, she has started college! After taking a year off after graduating from high school, she is now enrolled at our local community college! So the college journey begins for her. I still keep thinking that I'm not old enough to have a daughter in college! LOL!

Life for us is still pretty much a challenge. After over 2 years of unemployment, Bob is STILL looking for a full-time job with computer programming. He has broadened his search to be nationwide, so we continue to trust in God and wait to see where He might move us!  It's truly an adventure and I am really learning to take each day one at a time, be thankful for that day and to praise God in everything!

So that brings me to the prayers part of this post. We do covet your prayers as we continue through this humongous storm in our life! You never think you're going to be in a place like this, but here we are! So we ask for your prayers as we continue to stay surrendered and seeking God's will as to what He wants us to do next and where He might want us to go. There have definitely been some circumstances that have come up lately that seem to indicate that God may be preparing us to move somewhere else soon. So we are waiting and wondering where and when that might be.

And if you would also keep Sarah and Hannah in your prayers. Hannah still has support she has to raise for the mission trip she's already been on. And Sarah has quite a bit to raise between now and January if she is going to go to Chile. All total, it's about $3600 they need to raise. So we ask for your prayers that God will provide and for Sarah that He will make His will known regarding going on this trip or not. Some have questioned us about letting them do these mission trips during a time of financial crisis for us. We understand and respect this questioning, and please understand that these decisions to support them in going on these trips were not made lightly and without MUCH prayer and seeking of God's will. The thing we keep coming back to as a family is this: our God is a big God! He is THE God who holds the world in His hands. We believe He is big enough to both supply our family's needs AND the needed support for these mission trips. We do seek His will over this everyday, and we are not doing anything that would jeapardize our personal financial situation anymore than it already is jeapardized because of long-term unemployment. We covet your prayers and ask that you come along side us in prayer as we daily seek His will in ALL things going on our life!

So that's it, updates and prayers. Hopefully our next update will be quicker than this one was! :-)

Here's a few pictures from Hannah's mission trip.....