Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy New Year!

Ok, so I didn't get my "Christmas card" blog done this year, so it's turned into a "Happy New Year card" blog instead. And if you read my blog, then you pretty much know what went on in our life this past year. And if you don't normally read my blog, well, you can go back and read it all, or you can do it the easy way, and just continue reading now as I try to sum up what this year in our life was like. Of course, if you want more details, then you still might want to read my old blogs, but here is my summary of our year, 2010....

Before I get started, I just want to say that we enjoyed the few Christmas cards we received this year. It seems we get fewer and fewer each year, but then I totally understand that because I don't actually mail out Christmas cards anymore, either. Instead I've truly entered the age of electronics, and now "do" our Christmas card here on my blog. And I've enjoyed reading the "Christmas card blogs" that many of you also did! It certainly simplifies a part of the very busy Christmas season to be able to do it this way! So, even though you can't put these cards up on your wall, I am all for the convenience of doing them this way. With that being said, here I am sending ours out AFTER Christmas! However, this has been a crazy and tumultuous few months for us, and if it weren't for that fact that I CAN do our cards this way, you probably wouldn't even be getting one at all. And there will be a LOT more pictures than I could fit in a card! :)  So here we go....

January 8
The year started on a happy note with Rachel turning "sweet 16".

And then, on the very same day, our world suddenly turned upside down. I was shopping for Rachel's birthday dinner when I got the call. I remember feeling like suddenly I was in this horrible surreal dream that I would soon wake up from. Unfortunately this wasn't a dream, but all too real, so we made plans to drive to northern California for the funeral and just a few days later started the long drive up there.
My daughters and a friend comforting my niece, Lexi.
My mom.....

It was a beautiful funeral with lots of great remembrances of my brother. Some that made us laugh and some that made us cry. He would have loved it! The girls and I sang "I Can Only Imagine", one of my brother's favorite songs and I even learned things about my brother and the impact he had on so many people's lives that I had never known before. Finally it was time to go home and even that turned into a drama filled trip with some heavy rain and then snow! We barely made it through Cajon Pass (Grapevine was already closed before we got there). We were glad to get back home to sunny Arizona!

 Once we got back from northern California, it was time to set aside our grief and really celebrate Rachel's "sweet 16" birthday. My dear friend, Lu, took over the party planning, and she transformed our house into a beautiful festive place for Rachel's Sweet 16 masquerade ball.....
Beautiful cake!

Hannah - Rachel - Sarah

 April.... Sarah & Rachel were in our community theater's production of "Father of the Bride". Bob was the director and I did the stage makeup.
Rachel the "maid"

Sarah the "caterer"

 May... another loss for me. My dear friend, Cathy, finally succumbed to lung cancer after a 6 year battle. I still miss her SO very much! And sadly she leaves behind 4 beautiful children and a loving husband. I can't begin to imagine how much they must miss her!

June... Bob and I celebrated 22 years of marriage, Hannah left on her musical mission trip with the Young Continentals, Sarah turned 19, and The Wizard of Oz production opened at our community theater. Once again, our family was very involved with Bob and Sarah doing back stage, Rachel was a jitterbug dancer and singer, and Pam once again did makeup (which was SO fun!)...
Rachel the "jitterbug"

Cast party and also celebrating Sarah's brithday.

The Young Continentals

Lu and me
 August brought another loss, in a way... my dear friend, Lu and her daughter, Amanda, moved away to northern California. Lu is my best friend and like another sister to me, and I really miss her!

Bummed to see our friends leaving.

We also experienced another loss in August... our church home and family.  It was heart breaking, and I learned a HUGE lesson regarding judging others. I pray that I will NEVER do to someone else, what was done to us. It STILL hurts so very much! And that's all I'm going to say.

September... Hannah, my "baby", turned 14 years old!
 September was also the month that we got the devastating news that our mortgage lender did not accept the pending offer on our house so that we could short sell it. Instead they chose to foreclose, and so the process of moving out of our dream home began.

October... I was SO blessed to be able to attend the Women of Faith conference here in Phoenix with my dear friend, Donna, and her sister and friends. The seats were the BEST, right by the stage, and thanks to Donna's sister, I did not have to pay for my ticket. A very timely and much needed Spiritual boost!
Donna and me

 October was also a good month, as Bob finally got a job and started working full time. Yes!

Our current home
November was a busy, emotional and chaotic month! It started with us moving into a rental house and out of our dream home. This move took it's toll on me with illness striking me down the week before we moved, and a couple more times since then. And our whole family still deeply feels the loss of our dream home, but we are also settling into our "cozy" rental house and slowly turning it into home.

 Also in November, Hannah and Rachel were in our community theater children's production of "Alice in Wonderland". This was particularly exciting for Rachel as she got her first really big role... the caterpillar/butterfly! Hannah was in the ensemble as a "Wonderland dancer" and singer. And yes, I did the makeup. :)

Hannah the "parrot"

Look at all those arms!

 Another exciting event in November was Sarah being in the Miss Arizona USA pageant as Miss San Tan Valley! She didn't place, but she had an AWESOME time and made many new friends.

Opening dance

Dressed up & ready to go to Bob's company Christmas party
And that brings us to December... this has probably been the hardest year we've ever had with SO many losses, and just hard all around as we struggled each month to pay just our necessary bills. But God has been faithful, and I can honestly say He has never let us down! So we continue to trust in Him and also to count our blessings as we go through this Christmas season and look forward to 2011! We hope that you have had a wonderful and blessed Christmas and that this will be a happy and blessed new year!
Hannah (14)  Sarah (19)  Rachel (16)

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  1. As always I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your family through the year...You sure have had a rough year but God is getting you through it baby steps at a time...