Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Time and Gratitude

Wow! It's February 15 ALREADY???!!! How can that BE? Didn't I just update here with our Christmas/New Year "blog-card"???? Ok, now that I've gotten that off my chest, here's what's been going on with us since the beginning of 2011. Actually, I've decided that this year I am going to work on having a better attitude of graditude, so here's what I'm grateful for so far this year....

The Birthday girl with her birthday PIE?! :)
Well, I'm tempted to jump back on the "where-does-the-time-go" topic, but I'll refrain and instead say that I'm so grateful for my 2nd daughter, Rachel, who celebrated her 17th birthday on January 8th! :)

Enjoying eating birthday apple pie ala mode

It's hard to be grateful for my brother's untimely death, and especially when it happened on Rachel's birthday, making it a happy/sad day for the rest of our lives. And this year it was the 1st anniversary of his death. SO hard!  But I am grateful that I am comforted that he now doesn't have to deal with stresses of this old world anymore! And he definitely had more than his share to deal with. He's in SO much of a better place now!

I am grateful for and also so proud of Sarah who just played the role of "Olivia" in a Shakespeare play called "Twelfth Night". I know that I'm her mom and somewhat biased, but I was really bowled over by her performance! And she had to learn her lines in less than three weeks as she took over the role from someone else who ended up not being able to do the play. And Twelfth Night is really a very funny and entertaining play! I highly recommend seeing it if you ever have the opportunity. Of course, the part of Olivia won't quite be the same without Sarah playing it. I'm just sayin'! LOL.

"Olivia" and "Sebastian"... or is it? Maybe it's "Viola"? But WHY is she dressed up like Sebastian?!

Ok, THERE is "Sebastian" and "Olivia" - You gotta see the play! :)

I'm grateful that we live in a place where our winters are beautiful and that we don't have to deal with snow and ice and can actually go out and do things such as spending an afternoon at the park in Fountain Hills, AZ, where the tallest fountain in the world is. Or going to a fun place called Rawhide, a place set up like an old western town and where they have fun shows with "cowboys" and gun battles and horses who are beautiful and do entertaining tricks, stage coach rides, fun shops and GOOD western-style food! We had a blast there recently... well, Sarah & Rachel and I did. Poor Hannah was sick and had to sit this one out, and Bob was working, but we definitely want to go back again when the whole family can go. Really fun place! :) Oh yes, and please feel free to remind me of how much I love living here when it's summer and 115 degrees outside and I'm complaining about the heat! LOL!

Sarah and her new friend. LOL

Wow! Pretty talented girls! LOL

Rawhide - 2 cute cowgirls posing with some cute cowboys! :)

Stage coach coming into the station at sunset

Stage coach ride at sunset - SO beautiful!

I'd like to say that I'm grateful for the lizard who decided to take up residence in our kitchen light, but I can't honestly say that! We last saw him dive out of the light and run under the refrigerator, so I'm grateful that he seems to no longer be in our house and that hopefully he's found his way back outside by now! [shudder]  And yes, I know, they eat spiders and bugs, which I've been informed of by many. But he can do that OUTSIDE, not INSIDE! LOL. And speaking of our house, I am thankful as we're SLOWLY getting settled in a little more each day. The downstairs is pretty much done, but then there's our loft upstairs....UGH! It's hard because we still have too much stuff and no place to put it. Gotta get that garage sale planned... SOON! Probably should call the Salvation Army for a pick-up or two, as well. [sigh] It will happen, all in good time.

SUCH a handsome guy! :)
I'm grateful for my husband, and how hard he's working to provide for us right now (lots of overtime). And I'm also thankful, as is he, that he passed his 3-month review and is now hired on permanently! YEA! And in a couple more months he will be eligible to transfer out of where he is now, so we're praying that he will soon be back to doing what he loves to do and is trained for... computer programming and software development with hopefully a bigger salary, as well. And most importantly, I'm grateful for our marriage of soon-to-be 23 years, and how we've grown closer and more in love even with all the hardships and severe trials we've gone through in the past couple of years. :)

And I'm grateful for today and the blessings it brings and for God's ever-steady presence in my life.

"Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good;
   his love endures forever."
1 Chronicles 16:34

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