Monday, March 28, 2011

Time to Stand Together in Prayer...

This post is mostly for my "fellow" Christian homeschooling friends, but ALL of us who consider ourselves to be followers of Christ need to be aware of what is going on and stand together in prayer over a man whom I consider to be godly and wise and passionate about spreading the biblical truth. Most of you hopefully already know who Ken Ham is. He started an organization called Answers in Genesis several years ago, and I feel he is a beacon of truth in a very dark and deceived world. My husband and I heard Mr. Ham speak several years ago at a homeschooling convention in CA and were extremely impressed and encouraged by his talks about viewing the world, especially the origins of man, through biblical "glasses". We felt he was speaking the truth and very much appreciated all that we learned from him! Shortly after that we became supporters of his ministry and the creation museum he has built in the Cincinnati area.  One of the main things I appreciate about Ken Ham is his passion to speak the truth and call out the untruth that is found even in Christian circles and churches. And because of that passion, he is under great enemy attack right now. As Christians, this is a time to band together and pray for this man and his ministry. The enemy does not want him spreading the truth. Here are some links where you can read more about what has taken place and why it's so important to pray for him, and to make sure that we are staying biblically grounded so as not to become confused by what other "Christians" are teaching as "truth".

If you are unfamiliar with Ken Ham and his ministry, you might want to start by checking out his organization's website:

Here are links regarding the most recent attack on him:

I am happy to say that Ken Ham will be speaking at our AZ homeschool convention this summer. I cannot WAIT to hear him and look forward to learning even more from him! I also continue to lift him up and his ministry in prayer, as I'm sure he will continue to be attacked as the enemy does NOT want the truth being taught and spread around the world! I hope you will join me in praying for him! Also, if you want to share this with other Christians and homeschoolers, please do! :)