Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm a Bad Blogger! LOL

So here it is 2012, and it's FEBRUARY and I haven't blogged in the new year, yet! I didn't even blog in the last month of 2011! [sigh] My intentions are good, I just can't seem to discipline myself to write things down here. I would make that a resolution for this year, but I don't believe in making resolutions anymore. LOL.

So, the last time I blogged was in November about Bob's surgery to have his kidney stone removed. I'm happy to report that he has fully recovered and is SO happy to be free of pain! Woo hoo! :) November was also the month that both Sarah and Hannah took part in the Miss Arizona and Miss Arizona Teen USA pageants. They both didn't place, but had a great time and grew as young women. I was SO very proud of them! Also had a nice Thanksgiving with my parents and sister. They don't get this direction often enough!

Thanksgiving Dinner

December was a busy month, as usual. And I apologize for not even getting a "blog-Christmas card" sent out. Seems like every year I just get worse and worse about that. But with Facebook and blogs, the need to send out that yearly Christmas letter just doesn't seem to be as urgent because we are all keeping up with each other throughout the year now in a way that wasn't possible even just a few years ago. Kind-of sad in a way, but then again, I LOVE keeping in touch with people who before Facebook I never would have been able to keep in touch with. Anyway....

The month of December always starts off with my birthday, something I'd just as soon skip over anymore! LOL. But I guess I can't really do that. I look at the number I turned this year, though, and it just doesn't seem like I've been around that long! LOL. I mean didn't I just graduate from high school a few years ago??? Yeah, like 30-something "few" years ago! LOL. I am, however, thankful to be blessed with good genes that keep me looking younger then I really am, and MOST of the time I feel younger then I really am, so I'll just pray that trend continues for many more years! LOL

Christmas, for our family, was a fun and special time this year! Some good friends from North Carolina came and spent it with us, and it was SO much fun! This is when I'm thankful for a place like Facebook, because I never would have met these friends, if it weren't for Facebook. Linda and I met in a Facebook group we are both in, and through texts and Facebook chats, we have become as close as sisters. When I first invited her, and her husband Elmer, to come visit for Christmas, I didn't even know her that well, so it was weird that I invited them! I don't usually do that sort of thing. But after their visit, Linda and I realized how providential it was that I invited them. We had a lovely time together, and our friendship continues to grow and deepen. Thanking God for that! :)

Linda and Me

January, Rachel turned 18 years old! OH MY! Now I have TWO adult children?! Hardly seems possible! Rachel also will be graduating from our homeschool high school in a few months, so I'll be down to homeschooling only one child next year! Kind of makes me sad to see the end of my homeschooling years coming so quickly!

So now February is more then halfway gone, and time marches on! Or should I say, races on! Sarah just took part in an Irish pageant called the Arizona Colleen and Rose. She didn't win, but she had a great time discovering the Irish community here in Arizona and also exploring her Irish roots, which is through my side of the family. She has long dreamed of going to Ireland, and probably will someday so I think she is very glad to discover a little piece of Ireland here in Arizona! Hannah is getting ready for HER next pageant in March as Miss Jr. Teen Queen Creek in the Arizona United States pageant.

So life goes on, one day at a time. There are still struggles such as surviving for several months with only one vehicle since the other one was broken down with no money to fix it. But God is good and He provided the money to get it fixed recently, and then directed us to a good low-cost mechanic, so we've got two running cars again! Yea! So until next time..... (which will hopefully be sooner then it was last time! :) )