Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Healthy Cheese?

For those of you who know me, you probably know that I'm pretty much a health nut. I'm constantly reading about ways to improve my and my family's health, and am working on shedding the extra pounds FOR GOOD, that I've been carrying around for quite some time now. In my quest to to learn about better health, I've learned a lot of things that the mainstream nutrition "experts" won't tell you. One of them is that raw milk and other dairy products are really good for us! And pasteurized dairy products???... not so much. We've been led to believe that raw dairy is dangerous, and yet, there have been FAR fewer illnesses or even deaths as a result of consuming raw dairy products as there have been from eating bad meat, or even just cross contamination from raw meat. Hmmmmmm. :)

Thankfully, we have a raw milk dairy not very far from us here in the Phoenix area, but it's been nearly impossible to find other raw dairy products, such as cheese. And I LOVE cheese, so my compromise has been to look for cheese that is at least free from hormones. But even THAT is hard to find. But now I have discovered, thanks to an email newsletter that I receive from a website called "Food Renegade" that there is a website I can start ordering raw cheese from. And today, if you click on this link - http://www.foodrenegade.com/giveaway-raw-milk-grassfed-cheese-sampler/#comment-1199213 - you can enter to win a free cheese sampler. So go check it out! :)

And if you are afraid of trying raw dairy, let me assure you that it is MUCH safer, and MUCH healthier for you then you think! I can't drink pasteurized milk as it wrecks havoc with my gastrointestinal system. But raw milk, doesn't do that to me at all. Also, a little known fact is that one of the Mayo brothers who founded the Mayo Clinic, actually used raw milk to treat and heal his patients of many different illnesses and diseases. In it's raw form, milk is a living food with lots of good enzymes and nutrients in it that are destroyed through the pasteurization process. So I hope you will look more into it for your own good health. And don't forget to enter the contest for the free cheese sampler at the link above! :)