Monday, December 29, 2014

Still here...Sort of! :)

Yep! As the title says, I'm still here...sort of! LOL. I always think my life is going to slow down a bit, but it NEVER DOES! LOL. But here's a "Reader's Digest" update for now....

The newlyweds, Sarah and Jeremy, bought a house last summer and happily celebrated their 1st anniversary in September. Their family has grown, as well, not with humans (yet) but with 3 new pets, a cat and 2 dogs. :)

We also bought a new house shortly after Sarah & Jeremy did! Moved in about 3 months ago, and I'm STILL painting and getting us settled in!

Had a great Christmas in our new house with my sister driving over from California. My parents were supposed to come, as well, but my mom got sick. So hopefully they will be coming in a few weeks.

Bought a new(er) car finally, just before Christmas and are now working on getting our 2 very old cars up for sale. Hopefully someone will want to buy them!

And overall, I'm just basically trying to keep my sanity in the craziness of my life! LOL

Will try to post more soon, along with some pictures! :)